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Yoga Basics

Updated: Jul 22

So you're ready to start Yoga!!! I couldn’t be happier for you! Nothing will change your physical life and your outlook quite like yoga!!

Let’s talk about some basics you will need to get your practice going!!!

1. Yoga mat- Make it a decent one unless you want to skid/slide everywhere 

2. Yoga block- I have the traditional foam kind and a cork block both work great but I prefer the cork as it is firmer

3. Yoga strap-reasonably priced you don’t want to skip this one to get your flexibility top notch 

4. Bolster- bolsters are great for Yin yoga or Restorative poses but you don’t have to have one. A blanket rolled up will work, which brings me to. 

5. Blanket- grab one for your head for whatever!

6. Leggings- you just don’t want to do yoga in jeans ok?

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics

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