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Hey Beautiful,      Goddess!!!


Thanks for visiting my site! I am Lisa and I am

a stay at home mom of 4 boys!

Check out my story below

Hi I'm Lisa!

Lisa's Leggings was established in January 2018

Now Triple Goddess Boutique

 I sell affordable fashions. I am a self-taught entrepreneur. I am an intermediate yogi. A crystal collector, A wellness advocate, a crafter of all sorts, an artist. A nature junkie.

Born & raised in PA.


   About my business, after being in direct sales for more years than I can count, with multiple companies, some failed. I finally found my passion something I loved and many other women, loved too!

   After a few months selling for a legging company, I wanted to offer my customers the best price possible. So, I decided I wanted to follow my grandfathers and my mother's footsteps, after all, I have been self-taught since 7th grade, why not. I was going to take a leap of faith and start my own business, boutique style.

    I did what I do best, and I learned and researched. After months of researching I filled out the required forms, while waiting for those, I continued my search for the best prices I could find with the best selections! I already had my website started, so that was just a matter of upgrading to an e-commerce platform!

   My mission was and still is to bring the products we love and trust at the best possible price that I could. I was already running under the alias, of "Lisa's Leggings", so keeping my customer base. I just stuck with it!

   In the year 2021, I finally decided to change my business name. This took months of planning and deciding on the perfect name to represent everything I believe in and sell!!! I stand behind my products 100%. I Love them and I'm certain you will to!

For wholesale rates on my exclusive printed leggings please visit us on 


  With Love,



Returns & exchanges will be accepted within 15 days in the event, that

1. Your product was the incorrect size

2. You received a defective item

3. Your order was incorrectly filled

To place a return or exchange please fill out the form below.  Equal exchanges will not be charged to ship back to you. However in both cases of exchange or return you will have to pay to ship it to me.

4. If you receive a defective product please contact me within 15 days of package delivery, in most circumstances you will not be required to send the product back to me, but pictures of the defect may be requested.

5. To return or exchange a product you must leave the product unwashed, unworn and the tag intact. IF you do not I may not accept a return or exchange. This also includes articles of clothing that smell like smoke, or animal or are covered in animal hair. 

Get In Touch

Thanks for contacting us!


   Shipping is By rate. Processing is 1-3 days, depending on holidays and weekends. Normally your order will ship the day after you placed it in some cases same day. All orders come with a tracking code.

   Packages $100.00 and up will also come with added insurance to protect both parties involved. Most orders ship first-class 2-3 days or first class retail or domestic for larger packages. Very large orders will be shipped in  flat rate boxes. In Some cases your order may ship priority 2 day.

Orders $1.00-$30.00,  $5.95 Shipping

$30.00-$60.00,   $7.95

$60.00-and up, $10.95

Free Shipping on orders over $75.00

Woman's clothing 


Life, yoga, wellness

How to reach me

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