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The pentagram explained

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Often the pentagram is looked upon as evil or satanic. The pentagram or pentacle, represents the elements. Each individual point symbolizes one of the elements, earth, air, wind, and fire, encompassed in spirit. The pentagram is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind. Found in various religions dating back over 8,000 years ago! Let's look at the Christian standpoint.

Many Connections between the pentagram and Christianity have been found. From adorned jewelry, amulets, and even battle attire with pentagrams, before the cross was introduced. This was not only because the pentagram was associated with the five wounds of Christ, but also because it could be drawn in a single stroke, through one continuous Stroke, representing the beginning and end of Alpha and Omega as one.

Sometime in the 12th century, the Christians rejected the pentagram, due to misinterpretations of symbols and ceremonial magicians the pentagram later became associated with satanism. Satanism however is an upside down pentagram or two points often inside a double circle.

That's just the Christian viewpoint, the pentagram can be found in many other religions!

Picture 1 Picture 2

⬇️ Pentagram/pentacle ⬇️ Inverted pentagram associated with Satanism

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