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Leprechaun Bait

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Leprechaun Bait

Leprechaun Bait

I found this through a Facebook share and had to have it! I made it with a few changes and had to share!!

This is super quick and the kids love it! The only downside is it’s packed with sugar! 

You will need:

7 cups rice Chex (I used Crispex)

1 cup lucky charms cereal (I used generically)

1 cup crushed pretzels 

1 11.4 oz. mint m&m’s (we do not care for mint, I used mini milk chocolate m&m’s) 

1 11oz. Bag white chocolate chips or white melting disks

1 cup of JUST the lucky charms marshmallows. You can also purchase just the marshmallows at sharp shopper if you have one!

* I found everything I needed at sharp shopper!

1. In a large bowl combine Cereal, one cup of lucky charms, pretzels, and m&m’s

2. in a heat-safe bowl melt chocolate in 30-second increments, stirring until smooth. Do not overheat or your chocolate will be ruined

3. Pour the melted chocolate over the cereal a little at a time while stirring.

4. Try not to crush the cereal too much! Add in the remaining marshmallows once the chocolate is stirred in well.

6. Pour mixture on parchment paper or wax paper and separate to dry.

7. Store in an airtight container 

Variations: you can also pour all the melted chocolate at once, Dinah the instructions from there and after cooling on wax paper break it into pieces rather than stir in! I also added some colored sugar sprinkles while I was stirring!


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