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Legging-Do’s & Don’ts

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Let’s talk about wearing leggings!!! Put simply.

First, we will cover the do’s of wearing them!

1. Do- Get a delicate washing bag if you machine wash your leggings 

2. Do- Use layers to your advantage 

3. Do- Style with long tops. Tunics, Sweaters

4. Do- Use them under dresses & skirts

5. Do- Use OVERSIZED tops

6. Do- Pair with boots, tall or short

7. Do- wear solid tops with bold prints, don’t overload them.

8. Do- Choose your underwear wisely, seamless underwear are great!

9. Do- Fit the occasion, don’t wear crazy prints to the office, like neons or skulls to a funeral!

10. Do- Mix up your outfit 

11. Do- choose shoes wisely

12. Do- Use accessories 

Now the Don’ts

1. Don’t- Wear leggings with holes, let them go, time to buy more.

2. Don’t- Wear leggings way too loose or way too tight.

3. Don’t- Pair clingy with clingy, or wear clingy tops.

4. Don’t- Do lighter colors on fuller figures.

5. Don’t- Wear crop tops.

6. Don’t- Wear see-through! Which leads us to.

7. Don’t- Wear black underwear with any leggings but black leggings.

8. Don’t- Wear neon prints or over-the-top prints to work. Florals, solids, and gentler prints are good.

9. Don’t- go too tight

10. Don’t- Wear too short leggings 

11. Don’t- Go more than 2 times wearing without washing

12. Don’t- Show crotch

There you have it 12 ways to wear leggings and 12 ways to not wear them!!

Got more Do’s and Don’ts post them in the comments, I would love to hear them!!!

Legging-Do’s & Don’ts

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