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IP spaghetti

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

IP spaghetti

IP spaghetti

IP spaghetti

My own personal IP spaghetti recipe made in the instant pot! This is the best spaghetti ever, and the easy clean-up makes it that much better! It’s so simple. One pot method. Why make spaghetti in the instant pot when it is already easy you may ask. Well, it gets easier and the flavor is soo good!

You will need:

1 pound ground beef

1 pound of noodles, my favorite is rotini!

1 jar of spaghetti sauce

4 cups water

2 tbsp. Of butter

Seasoning of your choice if desired 

Sauté ground beef in an instant pot until done. Remove beef and quickly deglaze or clean the instant pot. Just to make sure you don’t get the burn notice.

Return beef to pot, and spread evenly over bottom. Next, add noodles. Top with 2 tbsp. Of butter. Add 4 cups water and a full jar of spaghetti sauce making sure to cover everything with the liquids. Add seasoning if desired. Cook for 4 minutes at high pressure. Quick release when time is up. Stir well and serve!!! 

Notes and tips:

1. When I first started making this I used spaghetti noodles. As of recently I’ve started using rotini and have also used elbow macaroni! The rotini is hands down our favorite!

2. As a good rule of thumb for pasta in the instant pot. I use 1 cup of water per 4 oz. of pasta it has never failed me! 16 oz. box of noodles is always 4 cups. 

3. The butter simply acts as oil would in your boiling water. It helps keeps the noodles from sticking together! I find with the rotini and elbow macaroni this is very unlikely to happen. But I have had spaghetti noodles stick.

4. When adding the water to the instant pot. I reserve about 1/4 cup

The water to refill the empty spaghetti sauce jar after I add the sauce. I then replace the lid and shake to get all the sauce out. Dump it in the pot! Now you’ve got all the sauce out. Might as well since you have to add tithe water anyhow

5. Your concerned you will have water spaghetti? NO! The water is fully soaked into the noodles and the remaining sauce is left! It’s perfect!

Any questions drop them in the comments!

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