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So I can't help but talk about this. While I fully believe it IS true and happened, before you go dumping all your essential oils over your pets health, let's talk.

The Post is about a woman's cat that was increasingly getting sicker and sicker without a known cause. It goes on to explain to make it short. The cat was vet checked yada, yada, the essential oils they were diffusing were basically putting the cat on a slow death bed.

Now here's my problem the world is now freaking out and mass sharing this post and of course watch out, watch out. Hurry up Dump all your oils, save your pets.


Ok, first things first, Essential oils are comparable to medicine in terms of don't use it if you haven't researched every last angle of the oil your using.

I have kids, this is something I don't skip when I chose what I am diffusing and where. PERIOD.

This is the problem essential oils have become increasingly popular and yet noone knows how to use them, SAFELY. Please GO BACK TO CANDLES.

Ok, here's my solid facts and opinions.

I have been diffusing EVERY OIL they have covered in these posts, for at LEAST 5 years now. Around my dogs, cats, and kids. In addition I have made bug sprays, Flea/tick repellents, bath soaps, just to name a few. At times putting them on my animals necks for repellant! Guess what we are all still living!!!

My personal opinion it was probably that cats favorite sleeping spot, we all know cats will put it down in there sleeping spot for DAYS before they make a new spot. The diffuser was probably DIRECTLY blowing the same oil in the animals face, for days, in this case YES that's highly dangerous. That IS poisoning. Moderation please and keep your diffuser up and away from everyone, it ISN'T really meant to blow DIRECTLY into your face. Hence the word, "DIFFUSE".

If you chose to use essential oils please do so carefully they are meant to be diluted basically for anything you use them for, unless of course your putting a drop on your wrist, for example. They are dangerous to anyone blowing them directly in their face for days. Diffuse a few drops into LARGE areas!!

Please just exercise caution when using any essential oil. They are HIGHLY concentrated.

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