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Skull bone pendant mala

Skull Mala


 Intentional Mala/Prayer beads with bone skull pendant is perfect for welcoming good luck, protection , grounding and abundance in your life. Sheen Obsidian is great for balancing energy fields and realeasing the ego, it works great for protection as well. This stone is perfect for self-reflective meditation, internal growth and self understanding. Tiger's eye is great for self-confidence, grounding, wisdom and good luck. Combining these crystal properties with the number sequencing of 7 and 2 makes this a powerful piece of jewelry.  7 to welcome in good luck and money flowing freely with the number 2 to represent personal growth and  finding your life path. Wear as a double necklace or keep safe for meditation use only. Malas are also great for fidgeting depending on the crystals used just holding them is calming, reduces anxiety and worry, builds confidence and so forth.

. All of my handmade Malas are cleansed before shipping. In addition, each one is pre programmed with the intentions.

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