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Crescent moon beaded mala

Crescent Moon crystal beaded Mala necklace


Equisite handmade Mala/Prayer beads with Natural bone Crescent moon Guru pendant. This intentionally created piece was designed to motivate the user on their journey fearlessly to their dreams passing through all phases much like the moon effortlessly, flowing through changes as necessary and removing blocks along the way. This powerful piece combines the crystal properties and the numbers 5 and 3. Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz are the main beads with Lapis Lazuli set in 5’s and the Clear Quartz set in 3’s.

The waxing moon represent dreams and expanding, wisdom, spiritual channeling

Lapis Lazuli represents wisdom, royalty, truth, peace and intuition

Clear Quartz amplifies and balances the energies, creates harmony and removes blockages

5 represents change, freedom, expansion, transformation and embracing positive action so that you can carry through with your life path and dreams

3 represents the cycle of life and represents, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It encourages you to set plans into action and trust yourself.

Each Mala comes with an information card, is pre programmed and cleansed

Only 1 left in stock
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