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Clear Quartz Macrame Charm

Clear Quartz Macrame Charm


Crystal macrame charm exclusively handmade at Triple Goddess Boutique each charm is one of a kind.

One of our most popular selling items, every one is made with an authentic raw or polished tumbled stone. Crystals are intuitively chosen and our stock is always changing. Almost every charm includes a real feather ethically harvested.

Clear Quartz car charm with mushroom charm, cross charm, skull charm and real feather

Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier and will enhace the energy around it. It is an energy cleansing tool and will clear impurities and pyshic debris from the energy field of the body. It realigns and refocuses the body, mind, and sprit towards clear goals. It will increase power of concentration and focus and will amplify whatever intention is put into it.

Chakra: Crown

Only 1 left in stock
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