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Breakfast Casserole

Sausage & Biscuit Breakfast Casserole

You gotta try this one


1 Can of biscuits

1 pound of breakfast sausage

5 eggs

1/2 Cup milk

2 packets gravy mix, made according to package

cheddar cheese

sat & pepper to taste

9x13 greased casserole dish

Preheat oven to 350

Cook the sausage until done, while cooking cut your biscuits so that each biscuit is four triangles, this is easier if you just cut the whole stack at once, slice the stack vertically once and horizontally once. Whisk together the 5 eggs and 1/2 Cup milk. Prepare your gravy mixes

Grease your pan and add the biscuits in a single layer. Spread the sausage over the biscuits, pour the egg mixture evenly over the sausage and biscuits. Sprinkle some Cheddar cheese, and then add the gravy to the top. Bake for 40 minutes in 350 oven.

We love sausage gravy and biscuits and this was a great way to switch it and so delicious! Give it a try! When I make my sausage and gravy I make the gravy homemade, if you also make yours homemade go ahead and do it that way just switch up your layering order, with homemade gravy my layering order went biscuits, egg mixture, cheese, and then my sausage and gravy!