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Instant Pot recipes!

I received an instant pot over Christmas and like so many other users. I was scared of this thing! My first use without my mom, I ran upon hitting the button to start and was hiding around the corner, it was even better when I was releasing the pressure, we won’t even get into that! I see a lot of people saying, “I haven’t used it yet, “it’s been sitting in my basement “, etc....I urge you to pull that glorious wonder machine out and just do it! I will admit there is some information to learn and general common sense! If your in that boat I also want you to know there is some great Facebook groups to help you learn the basics too! First and foremost read the included books and I’m serious! I’m not one to read instructions either but for this glorious beast, you need too. An important topic is natural release vs. quick release. The water it. Get familiar with the machine like you would a new phone. Another easy start are hard boiled eggs. I’m going to start compiling tried and true recipes! Check back often this will be an open blog post! 

Before I start I want to add that it only took me about a weekend to get familiar with my instant pot! 

Please keep

In mind when using your instant pot that although you set the time for whatever the recipe says, the pot has to come to pressure which varies with everything you put into it, on how long this will take! Don’t worry it’s doing what it needs to! 

Hard boiled eggs: with or without trivet

We call it 5-5-5

5 minutes high pressure

5 minutes natural release and

5 minutes ice bath or cold water

You will be amazed at how easy they are to peel and how great they taste! 5 minute egg salad yes please!!!!

Caramel or Dulche De Leche: 

1  14 Oz can sweetened condensed milk 

1 pint mason jar with ring and lid or can & aluminum foil 


That’s all !

Here’s what to do I’ve only made it In the 8qt instant pot

Pour condensed milk into clean dry jar get every last amazing drop, put lid and ring in finger tight! Put in pot on trivet, add water into pot up to just above the condensed milk inside the jar. Close lid and set on high pressure manual for 30-40 minutes, natural release for 20 minutes. Remove lid and carefully remove it’s HOT! Let sit till no longer burning hot, open jar and add just a few drops of vanilla (optional) or even sea salt! Stir, stir, stir until

 smooth. The longer you cook the darker and smoother it will be! You may notice it looks currdy it should stir smooth! Now try not to become a caramel addict like me!! Enjoy!

You may also make this in the can it comes in THOUROUGHLY clean the can, remove label and glue and remove top, cover with foil and fill pot with water just half way up the can! Follow times above

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