• Lisa

Rosemary Refresher spray/ Room spray

I have adrenal fatigue and when I have a, "Spell", nothing saves me more than my Rosemary spritz. When I have anxiety, when I get car sick, when I am nervous I could go on and on!! Before yoga!

This is a recipe you could really use any of your beloved essential oils in!

The extra ingredients basically just carry the essential oil and help it stick, I use witch hazel because I find mixed with Rosemary it makes a nice smell and I prefer it to alcohol.

You will need:

travel size spray bottle (I got mine in the travel personal care items at wal-mart for about a $1.00)

Spring water or distilled water

witch hazel

fractionated coconut oil or preferred carrier oil

Rosemary essential oil

a funnel if you need

First you will add

6 tbsp. of your carrier oil

then to that you will add

2tbsp. of witch hazel or more or less to your needs

next you will add water to just below the top.

Lastly, you will add 6-10 drops of Rosemary, I would start with 5 and go with your nose from there to your desired strength I like mine strong!