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Face Cream/Makeup remover

This super easy recipe, I use for my daily face cream after shower or in the morning, I find it helps wake me up, too! Also, for my makeup remover and to touch up areas of fallen powder where they shouldn't be while i'm doing makeup!

You will need:

*coconut oil

*lavender essential oil

*geranium essential oil

*Container, I make this in small batches, alot goes a long way and I like to get small pots from the personal care travel section at walmart for about a $1.00!

*A bowl and spoon

To start spoon out enough coconut and fill your pot, so you know how much you will need. Now spoon it out into a small bowl to mix. Microwave the coconut oil, to melted. Now you will add, 1 drop geranium, and 1 drops lavender and stir it up well! Now put it back in your container and let harden!

Geranium is excellent for acne and helps promote beautiful, radiant skin!

I use it on a q-tip for removing makeup in small amounts.

To use as a full face makeup remover, apply your mix to your face gently rubbing/massaging around, Don't get it in your eyes though!! Then take a warm washcloth and wipe off. If this doesn't remove it all, you may want to take a small bit of face wash to finish up! Now you have a super soft, clean face!

Some people do not do well with coconut on their face, I use every day and my skin is basically clear, unless I eat chocolate, but that's another story!! You will have to decide for yourself or choose a different method to carry your essential oil.


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