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Cast iron cooking - Venison Stir fry

Down home cooking! Not holding anything back here! LoL

You will need: 

1 or 2 pounds venison cut into strips

1 Cup Soy sauce 

1/4 cup or less white sugar or brown sugar 

(You will add in parts to taste)

1/2 tsp. Garlic powder 

3 tbsp. Lemon juice

3 cups rice (cooked)

Dash of salt & pepper


For this I used 2 small fresh broccoli crowns (cooked)& steam bag Asian style vegetables

5 tbsp. Olive oil or your choice

Coat pan with cooking spray, add oil and cook your venison. Cook your rice and vegetables separately at the same time.

When venison is cooked add 1tbsp oil and add vegetables. Add half of the soy sauce, half of the sugar, the lemon juice, salt & pepper and garlic. Stir it up! Let cook on medium low for about 10 minutes. Now it’s time to taste test your mix!! Add more sugar, lemon and soy to your desired taste! Viola!!