• Lisa

Winter Blends - essential oils

So it's that time of the year the holidays are over, but winter is still going strong, if not, it's strongest! So, I've compiled some great blends to keep your mind alert and your outlook positive!

Enjoy! *Note these blends are adjusted for your 100ml diffusers. If you are using a larger diffuser you will need to increase the drops. If the blend calls for 3 drops orange and 2 drops grapefruit , you will need more like 6 drops orange and 4 drops grapefruit for a 200ml and so on.

Winter blues blends:

* 3 Drops Orange

*2 Drops Grapefruit

A classic energizing, happy blend!

* 4 Drops Orange

* 1 Drop Ylang-ylang

* 3 Drops Orange

* 2 Drops Ginger

* 3 Drops grapefruit

* 2 Drops Cypress

* 3 Drops Bergamont

* 2 Drops Clary Sage

A personal favorite!!!