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  • Lisa

Improving your life through improving yourself

Becoming a better YOU, essentially creates a better person for others. How we feel about ourselves shines through to other people. If we our down, we aren't pleasant to be around, if we aren't constantly improving we become, "sluggish", so to say. Here I have compiled a list of 30 ways to self-improvement that are easy to attain.

Take one day at a time and one goal at a time, small steps to greater things.

This list is very large so work on what you want in any given order!!!

1. Learn how to treat yourself

2. Wake up early

3. Drink more water

4. Meditate- you don't have to be a yogi to practice this.

5. Quit a bad habit, and cultivate a good one!

6. Eliminate negative energies and learn to cultivate a positive mind in everything

7. LEARN to deal with difficult people

8. Let go of the past and forgive

9. Show kindness to those around you, express gratitude

10. Overcome your fears

11. Step out of your comfort zone

12. Know when to speak up, and know when to bite your tongue

13. Seize the day, EVERYDAY

14. Declutter your life, it feels SO good!

15. Journal your life, watch what happens

16. Acknowledge your flaws and then you will see

17.Exercise a few times a week

18. Ask for feedback?

19. Read a positive quote , poem, personal development article daily or motivational, every morning.

20. Pursue greatness

21. Shut off the Tv