• Lisa

It happened...

After many years getting away with no accidents with Candle finally happened, go figure I just got back into candles and my new “KID”, safe warmer is in the mail. Krystian decided to throw a big blow up boxing glove at my centerpiece furniture in our living room, and right beside the Christmas tree! Anyhow, needless to say there was wax EVERYWHERE, the carpet, the wall, all my decorations, my plant, my fabric storage bins, diapers...I could go on, but you get the idea. So last night I got some of the decor cleaned off but I left the wall and carpet for today, I wasn’t getting into that at 10 pm!! So what I Wanted to share with you all is a few ways I handled this!!! I was amazed!

Getting the wax of my wood was easy, I just used the scratch side of a sponge and then polished it as usual.

The carpet was a different story!!

So of course I researched, I'm a bit OCD so I couldn't bear to look at wax in the carpet

How to remove wax from carpet:

you will need:


OLD TOWEL (you will dispose of afterwards)

Carpet cleaner (colored wax only)