• Lisa

Essential Oils- Breakdown the brands

I am a lover of all things related to essential oils, I believe in there power 100%!

But let’s face it I’m on a budget, my husband is the only income. I know I’m not the only one! So let’s breakdown the brands I know!

We all know of course Doterra and Young living are hands down the best, the pioneers even. But let’s get to the affordable ones that I’ve tried, 1 is my top rated. Let’s keep in mind some of the more expensive oils DO have carrier oils in them to dilute to make them affordable otherwise a bottle of frankincense would be hundreds of dollars. So unless your looking to ingest these or otherwise, it’s no harm if you want that oil for just common uses.

*Disclaimer NOT all essential oils are ingestable

* if intending to purchase an essential oil for internal use I recommend purchasing the highest quality. No price is worth your health.

4. Premium-$- While I haven’t tried many of their oils, the few I have were decent. Their vanilla is of exceptional quality and probably the best I’ve ever had. The smell is deep and sensual. The oil itself was of a rich quality not watered down.

3.Nature’s bounty-$- under $10.00 you can’t go wrong, good quality, minimal dilution, great for aromatherapy and household needs.

2. NOW-$$- These can be more expensive, depending on your choice. Amazing for the price point. Quality is exceptional, none are diluted with water, diluted with carrier oils on the higher priced oils. I use this brand for all my needs.